Outdoor Balcony Furniture

If you are looking to beautify your balcony space, having outdoor furniture will definitely fill it up both aesthetically and functionally. This way, not only will you feel more at home, your space can also double up to host functions such as family gatherings, birthday parties and even ladies’ nights. A popular material that has been widely used to make outdoor balcony furniture is rattan – specifically, synthetic rattan. This material is usually made from substances such as Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polyesters and so on. While synthetic rattan is suitable for the outdoors since it is weatherproof, it can also be used to display indoors.

Features of Rattan Outdoor Balcony Furniture

Rattan furniture offers more value than furniture made of other materials because of the high level of craftsmanship required to make each piece. Below are some features of rattan outdoor balcony furniture that makes it the best material for manufacturing outdoor furniture.

When rattan is used, the end product would be hardwearing, durable and robust since many strips of sturdy manmade fibres have been weaved tightly together. Moreover, high-quality rattan furniture should have been UV treated in order to achieve a fully weatherproof effect with its resistance to UV light. What this implies is that synthetic rattan furniture can usually last for at least a decade, making your purchase extremely value for money. Exceptional pieces would even come with weatherproof cushions.

In addition to its durability, rattan outdoor furniture requires minimal maintenance as it is easy to clean. All you really need is to give it a light spray and wipe and it will look as good as new. Furthermore, these fully handmade rattan pieces are usually versatile as they look equally sensational both indoors or outdoors.

Lastly, if you have the tendency to change your mind about the layout of your furniture, rattan furniture is perfect for you since it is very lightweight, making it easy to move around to adapt to your vision of the space at any time.

Why choose WAVE?

At WAVE, we believe that our customers are our priority and because of that, we strive endlessly to meet your needs in order to achieve service excellence. We also focus on building a trusting relationship with you by providing expert advice to aid you in making informed decisions.

Our outdoor balcony furniture is manufactured with Thermoplastic Olefin, which is an impact and scratch resistant material. We treat all our products with UV resistant ingredients, making the end product even stronger and more durable. Moreover, the 100% handmade frames are made with aluminium piping and further coated with powder to effectively prevent corrosion. We also ensure that our cushions are equipped with quick-drying foam, making it weatherproof. These characteristics make for the perfect outdoor balcony furniture that can last for very long.

With that, we welcome all customers to visit our store at Proxima@Gambas to have a look and feel of our products before making a purchase. Free delivery is applicable for purchases of 3 items and more, and there will be a S$60 delivery fee for 2 items or less in one order. Alternatively, you can also do a self-collection at our store. If you are looking for outdoor furniture for your balcony in Singapore, WAVE is definitely the place for you!

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