Outdoor Furniture

Displaying outdoor furniture is a great way to accessorise your home, especially when you have an extra empty space that could potentially be used to host your loved ones. Some popular materials that have been widely used to manufacture outdoor furniture include synthetic rattan, teak, concrete and aluminium. Most of the time, synthetic rattan is used to make these quality furniture as it has the right characteristics that any outdoor furniture should possess, namely being weatherproof and hence, durable.

Guide To Buying Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to choosing the best furniture to accentuate your outdoor space, there are a few factors that you may want to consider. Below are 3 factors to consider when choosing suitable outdoor furniture for your home.

Firstly, consider the type and purpose of your outdoor space. Is your outdoor space a patio, garden or balcony? This might give you some sort of idea as to the purpose that you may possibly use your space for and choose suitable furniture pieces accordingly. Some common purposes could be hosting a barbecue, birthday parties for your children, or cocktail parties for the adults. By determining what your outdoor space might be used for, you will have a clearer picture of what kind of furniture you need to shop for in order to achieve your desired layout for a perfect gathering.

Secondly, consider the maintenance required. If you prefer using your spare time to chill instead of fretting over the cleanliness of your house, opting for synthetic rattan furniture would be a wiser decision. Synthetic rattan is made with man-made materials such as polyethylene, synthetic vinyl, and resin, and is made to withstand almost any weather condition, making it an extremely durable and long-lasting material.

Also, it is important that you ensure that the cushions are made with high-quality weatherproof materials as well. This way, all you need is a simple spray and wipe to keep your outdoor furniture clean and presentable for your guests.

Lastly, consider the comfort of the furniture. Other than taking care of the aesthetics and durability of your furniture, comfort is a factor that is equally important to look at. It is highly recommended to head down to a physical furniture store so you can have a feel of the furniture and decide if the comfort level is up to your expectations. This would aid you in making a quicker and more informed decision on the spot.

Why choose WAVE?

Here at WAVE, we have the best outdoor furniture in Singapore and also a wide selection of outdoor balcony furniture. All our furniture are made with Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO). TPO is impact and scratch resistant and allows UV resistant ingredients and most color paints to be easily blended in. It is a flexible but strong material and extremely suitable to be used in outdoor furniture. The frames of our outdoor furniture are handmade with aluminium pipings and then powder coated for additional protection against corrosion. As for our cushions, we offer quick-drying foam, which is suitable for Singapore’s sudden rainfalls.

Other than providing you with high-quality outdoor furniture, you can head down to our store at Proxima@Gambas to have a feel of our furniture to see what suits your needs and home best. With our professional team and many years of experience, you will be given the best services as our valued customers are our priority. Shop with WAVE and you will be guaranteed premium durable furniture at affordable prices.

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