All of our indoor and outdoor ranges are dedicatedly manufactured in our factory in Surabaya, Indonesia. We abide by processes that are recognized by European standards for performance and quality to ensure flawless output. However, when it comes to designing, the furnishings are very much influenced by Asian perspectives and customs.

At WAVE, we understand that furniture is an extremely personal asset and every individual has different tastes, needs and choices. Hence, we are extremely flexible when it comes to what a client wants. Our unique customization features help you to choose the best for yourself.

As You Like It

We offer a range of weaves, fabrics and colors for you to choose from. You may browse the collection and modify the specifications to suit your preferences.

See For Yourself

For those who want to go the extra mile and ensure that they definitely love what they are buying, we have exclusive arrangements. We can provide unique weave designs and swatches of non-collection fabrics at our Gambas facility for viewing and selection.

Deliveries within Set Deadlines

We believe in fulfilling our commitments and always ensure that the deliveries happen within the set deadlines. We generally deliver customized furniture completely designed and ready in 8 to 10 weeks.

Transparent Transactions

We also firmly believe that transparency and honesty are keys to a satisfied customer. We state all the terms and conditions clearly while presenting the quotation itself. This makes the deal easy and leaves no gaps in communication. After all, a happy customer is our priority.

Call: +65 9618 5104