January 10, 2018
January 10, 2018
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Characteristics: This is a high back sofa set which provides excellent seating comfort. The Callan set has a smart rectangular design. The classic rectangular shape fits into most living areas & easy to match with the rest of your furniture.

Callan collection is unique because we use 2 in-house weave options, 15mm flat 3 colour gray to sliver weave & 5mm flat 2 colour tone gold & beige weave. We fit all our outdoor furniture sets with special outdoor cushions using high quality weather proof fabric. The cushion fabric is specially made to repel water & withstand exposure to the sun.

The collection comes with matching 2.5 seater sofa, coffee table & side table.

Each of our outdoor furniture pieces are 100% hand constructed using full aluminum frames (rust proof) & not painted steel frames, which will rust after a short time. We also use the high-quality UV treated synthetic weave. The UV treatment helps protect the colour of the weave from fading & cracking. Our outdoor furniture is easy to clean. You can simply spray clean dirt off & apply mild detergent if necessary.


No. Item Dimension (cm)
1 Callan Arm Chair Peel 15 mm Light Gray 75 95 84.5
2 Callan Sofa Peel 15 mm Light Gray 130 95 84.5
3 Callan Coffee Table Peel 15 mm Light Grey 83 57 40
4 Callan Side Table Peel 15 mm Light Grey 50 50 40
5 Callan Arm Chair 5mm Antique Grey 75 95 84.5
6 Callan 2.5 Seater Sofa 5mm Antique Grey 157.5 95 84.5
7 Callan Coffee Table 5mm Antique Gray 83 57 40
4 Callan Side Table 5mm Antique Grey 50 50 40

Personalisation: 2 weave options & 3 cushion Fabric options

Weave Options:



2.5 Seater Sofa, Armchair, Coffee Table, Side Table


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