January 8, 2018
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Characteristics: This is a mid-back sofa set which provides excellent seating comfort paired with the wide cushions. The White Celosia set is part of our “designer range” & has a Mediterranean design to give a cool vibrant look. It is a medium size set, built to fit well into the average size Singapore homes. Celosia offers a different look from the traditional rectangular sofa designs.

Celosia collection comes in glazed white colour. The collection comes with matching 1.5-seater, 2.5 seater sofa, coffee table & side table. This collection also comes in different cushion fabric options to help match up with your home design.

The Celosia body is woven with fine 4MM round core cane, which is more difficult to find today. Most manufacturers do not have the special skilled labour force to weave this type of fine cane & are unwilling to pay the higher production cost to make it.

Each of our cane furniture pieces are 100% hand constructed using the best grade Indonesian sourced rattan. Indonesia is accepted to supply the best grade natural cane in the world today, because of the clean colour & strength. Our cane furniture is ecofriendly, as we use little, or no wooden parts. Natural cane is a fast-growing plant, unlike wood which takes decades to mature. We start the construction process by first putting all the cane through a special heat treatment process to kill all parasites, before the cane is cut out for construction. It takes a group of skilled cane craftsman 2 weeks to complete making a single chair. Our cane furniture sets have & should last over a decade, with minimal maintenance.


No. Item Dimension (cm)
1 Celosia Arm Chair (White Wash) 67 82 82
2 Celosia 1.5  Seater Sofa (White Wash) 101 72 81
3 Celosia 2.5  Seater Sofa (White Wash) 161.5 82 52.5
4 Celosia Coffee Table (White Wash) 101.5 51.5 47.5


Additional Information: 1.5 Seater Snuggler, 2.5 Seater Sofas, Armchair, Coffee Table, Side Table


1.5 seater Snuggler, 2.5 seater Sofa, Armchair, Coffee Table, Side Table


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