January 8, 2018
January 8, 2018
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Characteristics: This is a high back sofa set which provides excellent seating comfort. The Linaria set has a bold Italian rectangular design. The classic rectangular shape fits into most living rooms & easy to match with the rest of your furniture.

Linaria collection comes in natural Kubu brown colour. The collection comes with matching 2 seater, or 2.5 seater sofa, modular corner 2+3 seating option, coffee table & side table.

Another unique feature of this range is because we use Kubu cane to weave the body. Kubu is natural cane with the skin still intact & we colour the cane using natural peat dye. This gives the sofa set a unique natural peat brown colour. Each Linaria set is unique as the colour of the cane skin are always slightly different & you will see a mix of dark and lighter coloured weave to build up the body.

Each of our cane furniture pieces are 100% hand constructed using the best grade Indonesian sourced rattan. Indonesia is accepted to supply the best grade natural cane in the world today, because of the clean colour & strength. Our cane furniture is ecofriendly, as we use little, or no wooden parts. Natural cane is a fast-growing plant, unlike wood which takes decades to mature. We start the construction process by first putting all the cane through a special heat treatment process to kill all parasites, before the cane is cut out for construction. It takes a group of skilled cane craftsman 2 weeks to complete making a single chair. Our cane furniture sets have & should last over a decade, with minimal maintenance.


No. Item Dimension (cm)
1 Linaria Arm Chair (Kubu Grey) 81.5 89 87
2 Linaria Sofa (Kubu Grey) 142.5 89 87
3 Linaria Coffe Table (Kubu Grey) 97 61.5 45.5
4 Linaria Corner Chair (Kubu Grey) 89 89 87
5 Linaria 2.5 Left Arm (Kubu Grey) 162.5 89 87
6 Linaria Sofa Right Arm (Kubu Grey) 133.5 89 87



2 seater Sofa, Armchair, 2.5 seater Modular, 2 seater Modular, Corner Modular, Coffee Table, Side Table


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